Daily Lab: Getting a zero.

You can be all right, even when it all goes wrong.

Daily Lab: Getting a zero.

Short summary:

  • Marketing is like a bet on the future.
  • And it’s possible to lose the bet, and get a zero.
  • That’s why our ZERO Plan helps you avoid—and benefit from—a potential zero in your marketing.

Is there anything worse than getting zero sales during a marketing campaign?

Yes: Being a marketing consultant who gets zero sales.

I know, because it’s happened to me.

You can imagine how crushing and embarrassing that must have been.

But the real problem is that I should have—I could have—known better.

Marketing is about making bets on future outcomes, and whenever you make a bet, you’re taking a risk. And sometimes you might be risking getting nothing.

Take it from me—you want to avoid it if you can. That’s what the ZERO Plan is for.

It helps you make sure that you’re avoiding the worst risks. And that you’re hedging your bet. So that even if things go wrong, you can be all right.

You can still get what you want, even if you get a ZERO.

By using the ZERO Plan framework.

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