Kelford Labs Daily: All day, every day

Credibility from intense focus.

Kelford Labs Daily: All day, every day

One of the most powerful expressions of value a business can make is stating what they do all day, every day.

What I mean is, a company that makes custom shoes can say, “All day, every day, all we do is create elegant footwear for discerning customers.”

Sure, lots of other stuff goes into that, but that’s what they do, every single day.

But a company that makes custom shoes and sells off-the-rack is in a slightly harder position. If you do more than one thing, it's harder to nail down what it is you spend all your time on.

Why does this matter? Because customers instinctively trust a business that does one thing, all the time.

It communicates to them that the business must be good, otherwise how could they make a living only doing that one thing?

Conversely, when a business is vague, varied, or scattered in its activities, that signals to the customer that they’ve got to do a lot of different things just to make ends meet. And how good could they be at any of them, if that’s the case?

So, take a few minutes and create your “all day, every day” sentence.

What’s the one thing you spend all your time on, creating extraordinary value for your very best customers?

And if you notice that it’s a struggle to narrow it down, consider what you’d like to spend all your time, energy, and focus on. 

Ask yourself: If you did focus just on that, how would your articulate it in a single sentence?

And then think about whether just doing that might increase your credibility, along with your capabilities, allowing you to truly focus on just what you’re best at.

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