Boring or important? — Kelford Labs Daily

At the moment of need, we’re important.

Boring or important? — Kelford Labs Daily
“If you think the product too dull, I have news for you: there are no dull products, only dull writers.”

— David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

No matter what it is we sell, it is, at least for a brief moment, important to our customers.

Whether we sell toilet paper or tech support, when somebody needs it, they need it.

Which means, we never have to think about our product or service as boring, quotidian, or dull.

At the moment of need for our very best customers, the thing we make, deliver, or provide is important to them. Even if only for a moment.

So when we go to make our marketing content, we need to remember when our best customers and prospects need us. And where they happen to be or where they’re likely to go when that need arises.

Our content must address them there, and then. And it must understand our place in their lives, in their work, and in their day—and demonstrate exactly how we can best help them.

Our marketing will be boring and dull to the people who don’t care, don’t need us, or don’t want to work with us—that’s the idea.

We don’t waste a moment or a dime marketing to people to whom we’re not the ideal solution.

Instead, we expend every effort—and proportion every resource—toward demonstrating our value to the people who want it, need it, and are excited to pay for it.

Because, to them, it’s not boring—it’s important.

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