Daily Lab: 100% Organic Content

All the content created here on Kelford Labs will be getting a “100% organic” label going forward.

Daily Lab: 100% Organic Content

I thought I should let you know that the content you’re reading is 100% organic—no generative AI was used in its creation.

With both daily and weekly emails, it’s easy (in fact, quite fair) to assume that I’m cranking these out with the use of GPT or another language model doing the work.

But, no. While I have and will almost certainly continue to experiment and play with AI tools, both for work and for fun, all the content created here on Kelford Labs will be getting a “100% organic” label going forward:

100% organic content, no generative AI.

Will that change one day? Probably! I assume language models will eventually be infused into every single digital writing tool out there, and their use will be as everyday as spellcheck (I’m old enough to remember when that was considered “cheating”).

Until then, though, you should be able to trust that these words are mine—from the thinking to the typing, and everywhere in between.

Of course, like any language model, my own brain has been inspired (“trained”) by countless other people and words over the years, so I’ll continue to cite and reference those as often as I can. Unlike current versions of GPT, if you ask me where I read something, I can probably give you the page number.

So when you read Kelford Labs, you’re reading the ideas, thoughts, and concepts developed by Kelford Inc., not a digital synthesis of someone else’s training data.

If that appeals to you, please share this newsletter with a friend or colleague.