Daily Lab: 3 Wrong Answers

Avoid the crowded race to the bottom.

Daily Lab: 3 Wrong Answers

To three common questions:

Q: “Where should I post about my business?”

A: Anywhere popular, starting with TikTok.

Q: “How do I get attention for my business?”

A: Advertising.

Q: “How much should I spend on marketing?”

A: More and more until it works.

These answers feel… off, don’t they? And it’s not just because I already told you they were wrong.

They feel off because it can’t be that simple—and it isn’t.

Because if everyone followed the same rote set of instructions, we’d all end up in the same place:

Standing around the finish line in the race to the bottom, trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

If we all follow the same tactics and trends, we’ll end up surrounded by other desperate and struggling businesses fighting over the same scraps of attention.

But even if we all follow the same frameworks and principles, we’ll end up in different places, each one ideally suited for us in particular.

It’s not necessarily an easy choice, but it is a choice.

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