Daily Lab: A marketing road trip

When and where before what.

Daily Lab: A marketing road trip

I’m heading out on a road trip soon, and I’ve been thinking a lot about distance.

To plan a road trip, the key elements of every decision are when and where.

What becomes secondary—it is deferent to geography and timing.

Because if we focus too much on the what, we’re likely to miss our destination, or get our timing wrong.

The same, weirdly, is true for marketing.

The critical questions are: When does our ideal customer experience their moment of greatest need (and therefore value). And where does it happen or where do they go when they experience that need or value?

Once we know that, what almost takes care of itself.

We only need to ask ourselves: What could I say to help them move one step closer to my business? And how can I make it as easy and comfortable for them as possible?

The mysteries of marketing can be revealed by focusing on the evidence that matters above all:

When and where our best customers need us most.

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