Daily Lab: Average efforts, average results

YOUR best, not THE best.

Daily Lab: Average efforts, average results

The problem with following marketing “best practices” is that they’re the average of everyone’s advice.

According to best practice, you need SEO, written content, video content, social media engagement (on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn), paid ads, and earned media.

But nobody except the very largest, most resource-rich companies can afford to do everything at a level that actually helps.

Businesses that do great marketing don’t try to do it all—they don’t do the average of everything—they focus on what they’re best at, and where their best customers see the most value.

Nobody would ever want to drink the average of everybody’s Starbucks orders, but so many will happily perform the average of the activities that keep their business functioning.

The problem is, the average result of businesses is to stop operating after just a couple years.

We can’t rely on best practices to tell us what to do:

We have to rely on our best customers telling us where they experience value.

And then focus on demonstrating that value the best way we can.

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