Daily Lab: Don’t fill your day, clear your mind

As little as possible, as long as possible.

Daily Lab: Don’t fill your day, clear your mind

Marketing tasks don’t always grow your business. Sometimes, they just grow.

Because, when something works, we want to do more of it. But when something doesn’t work, we usually just push even harder.

Soon, we’ve filled our day with marketing tasks that aren’t fuelling our growth, they’re just clouding our thinking.

But the point of marketing isn’t to do as much as you can. It’s to do as little as possible for as long as you can.

That’s not lazy. It’s harder to be sustainably consistent than temporarily dogged. But it’s also more effective.

Because the fact is, we don’t need to make more time in our day. We need to make more decisions in our marketing.

And the first thing we need to decide is that we want to do less, not more. We want to identify what’s actually helping, and jettison what isn’t.

Because the secret of marketing isn’t to fill your day.

It’s to clear your mind.

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