Daily Lab: Don’t promise benefits

Demonstrate them.

Daily Lab: Don’t promise benefits

Don’t promise benefits. Demonstrate them.

So you never have to promise anything at all.

First, identify the key value your business delivers to its clients. For a bookkeeper, that might be peace of mind and control over the operations of your business.

For a branding designer, that might be confidence in the quality of your brand and feeling more attractive to ideal customers.

The value isn’t in the thing you sell, it’s in the change the client experiences.

Use your marketing to demonstrate that change, that value.

So, just for instance, that bookkeeper’s content could focus on how their ideal clients can get a better grip on their operations, and give quick tips via short-form video that can be easily shared around the world.

Demonstrating how their unique process or perspective allows them to help their clients in their own way.

The designer’s content could focus on ways their ideal clients can become more confident showing off their business, or long-form articles explaining the different ways design can evoke emotions and desire.

And demonstrating that they’re not just another designer, but one with the type of perspective and expertise that particular clients would appreciate most of all.

When you’ve demonstrated value this way, when the right person is ready to buy, you’re the right person to buy from.

So, you can worry less about features and benefits.

And focus more on value.

Because that’s the only feature that matters.

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