Daily Lab: Don’t try to sell

Get one step closer.

Daily Lab: Don’t try to sell

Short summary:

  • Going from discovering you to purchasing from you is too fast.
  • Clients want a middle step to get closer and more comfortable before they buy.

Why read the rest:

  • Learn how to make buying from you more comfortable, and less rushed.

Here’s a question for you:

Let’s say I have a problem your business can solve.

And let’s say that I haven’t heard of you yet.

Once I do hear about you—through an ad, referral, social media, etc.—what can I do next?

Is the next step to have a sales conversation?

Is the next step to fill out a form on your website?

Is the next step to hand over money?

If so, that might be a problem. Because most people don’t want to go straight from awareness to purchase—from being far away from you to being right here with you.

People want an opportunity to move closer at their own pace. To make themselves comfortable making a purchase.

You don’t like cold calls that expect you to buy something in the moment. You feel rushed and pressured.

So how are you making your clients more comfortable than that?

Content like blogs, newsletters, podcasts, video series, whitepapers, and case studies help make your clients more comfortable making a purchase.

It gives them time to get to know you, and for you to reveal the insights that demonstrate your unique value to them in particular.

So give your customers the opportunity to get closer to you, at their pace.

Don’t try to make a sale.

Make them comfortable enough to get closer to one.

And notice how many more sales you make.

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