Daily Lab: Easy new ideas

Write to someone, write easily

Daily Lab: Easy new ideas

I’ve written a newsletter every weekday for more than 130 issues now, and I’m happy (relieved?) to say coming up with ideas hasn’t yet become a problem.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to think of something new.

Sometimes, I’ve got to use the “Dear Charlie” trick.

That’s right, I fire up my text editor, put “Hey {Person’s Name}!” right at the top, and I write a note to them.

What would I say to them to help them feel more capable, inspired, or interested in doing their marketing?

What have I learned recently that might help, or what question can I ask that might give them a new perspective?

I write that down, just as I would write it to them. And it’s amazing how easy it is to write, and how well it generalizes.

So, when you go to write your next blog post, LinkedIn post, ad, SEO description, directory profile—or anything else that requires you to demonstrate your value at a distance—try it out.

Write down the name of a real client or prospect, and then write to them.

It’s much easier to demonstrate value when you’re being specific, and next to impossible when you’re trying to write to everyone, all at once.

So, don’t.

Write to someone. Make it precise and practical.

And notice how many people see themselves in it.

Oh, and remember to remove their name before you publish it.

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