Daily Lab: Every decision is a marketing decision

What are you demonstrating?

Daily Lab: Every decision is a marketing decision

Every decision we make as business owners either reinforces or detracts (or distracts) from our demonstration of value at a distance.

For instance, if you want your customers to appreciate your premium quality—and you want to demonstrate the value of that quality at a distance—the quality of everything you do becomes important. The quality, not just of your product, but of your logo. Your signage. Your office space. Your website.

Whatever our values—quality, affordability, convenience, specialization, customer service—we need to demonstrate them at all times.

We can shout, “Our products are high quality!” all we want.

But if we demonstrate something else, our words won’t matter.

So whatever you want your brand to be, ask: How am I currently demonstrating those values at a distance?

Or am I demonstrating something else?

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