Daily Lab: Find closer customers

Find minds already changed, already needing the type of thing you sell.

Daily Lab: Find closer customers

The secret to driving demand for your business is to stop trying.

As the saying goes, “the single most wasteful thing you can do in marketing is try to change a mind.”

Instead, you find minds already changed, already needing the type of thing you sell.

And then, wherever they go when they have a need you can solve, you’re there. If it’s straight to Google, your SEO is designed to make it easy for them to get one step closer to you.

If they go to LinkedIn to look for service providers, your content is there, giving information about the overlapping values you share with your best clients, inviting them to easily learn more.

If they listen to specific podcasts, your sponsorship is there, identifying your business as one that shares the priorities and passions of their target customers, providing an incredibly easy URL to visit to learn more.

They’re brand new to the market, which means they’re still too far away to be directly sold to.

They only know what they need, they don’t yet know what they want.

Your job, at this phase, is to provide the information they need to decide what it is they truly want, and if that’s you—based on your overlapping values and priorities.

The next step is to show them how they can get what they want.

But they’ve got to want it first.

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