Daily Lab: Focus exercise

A quick exercise to hone your marketing focus on your most valuable actions and clients:

Daily Lab: Focus exercise

1) Jot down your five most adored (financially and/or emotionally) clients or customer types from the past year or so.

2) Give the list the ol’ once-over, and spot the one that just doesn’t seem to fit with the others (there’ll almost certainly be one) and scratch it out!

3) Now take a look at the remaining fabulous four. What’s their secret connection? What’s the main value that each gained from your services or product?

4) Ask yourself the question: Is the value received the same for each one at its very essence?

If it is—wonderful! You’ve discovered the core element to focus your marketing on. Now the only question is: how can you demonstrate that specific value at a distance? Give that your undivided focus.

If, on the other hand, you realize that the value you offer differs from favorite client to favorite client, it’s time to consider some things. You might be casting too wide a net (and mostly just catching ocean), in both what you offer and who you target.

But once you define the common value all your best clients come to you for, you’ll probably find that it’s also the thing you love doing most, and feel like you’re the best at.

So dive in, narrow your focus, and start demonstrating your value at a distance!

Watch Leah demonstrate this exercise using the Marketing Message Maker framework.