Daily Lab: Get marketing out of the way today

It’s all one thing.

Daily Lab: Get marketing out of the way today

You probably have more important things to do today than marketing. It might feel that way, at least, and it may feel that way most days.

But you might also worry that if you don’t do marketing, future work could dry up.

So how do you do marketing work when you’re busy with the “real” work?

By recognizing it’s all one thing.

If you’ve got something more important than marketing to do, do it. But while you’re at it, capture how your way of doing it demonstrates your value.

Take a video, write a quick note about your process, or ask a colleague to document the steps involved.

And then ask what types of marketing you could do—like writing a blog, creating videos, interacting on social media, starting a podcast, or anything else—that would help make you better at what you really do.

How could it help you refine your process or improve your skills?

You’ll find it’s a lot easier to do marketing when it’s helping, and when it’s a natural part of what you’re already doing.

That way, you never have to make time for it, because you’re always doing it.

So get your marketing out of the way today, by making it the only way.

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