Daily Lab: Herky Jerky Hell

Marketing for always, not just for now.

Daily Lab: Herky Jerky Hell

That describes a lot of marketing, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it usually plays out: Business slows down a bit, so we find ourselves wanting to do more marketing.

We ramp up on social media, SEO, coffee appointments, and content creation.

We get what I like to call “One Big Day” energy (“I should do as much as I can while I have the time,” we think, optimistically).

Which leads to “One Big Week” ideas (“I can keep this up forever,” we think, wrongly).

Which inevitably leads to One Big Month, and then we stop.

Because we overcommitted and overworked ourselves.

And then, when business picks back up again, our marketing slows back down to a crawl or a stall, which leads to a work slowdown a few months down the line.

And the cycle of herky jerky marketing repeats.

But we’ve got to wrap our arms and our heads around the concept of “Always.”

Always: marketing. Always: moving. Always: learning: Always: playing.

The secret to not having to start up your marketing again is never having to stop.

Slow time is go time for marketing.

But for always, not just for now.

So give up on herky jerky hell, and make a plan to do your marketing.


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