Daily Lab: How to chop a tree in two

Why consistency counts

Daily Lab: How to chop a tree in two

“You cannot chop a tree in two by hitting every time in a different place.”
— Claude C. Hopkins

Is your marketing consistently striking in the same place, or does it bounce around?

Marketing takes time to work–which means it takes consistency so that it can work.

If you’re trying something new every week, or even every month, you’re creating a lot of dents, but you probably won’t make much progress.

Don’t dilute your efforts by doing too many of them. Instead, focus on where and when you can best demonstrate your value at a distance.

And you find that out by talking to your past best customers about where and when they experienced your value most clearly.

Because your job isn’t just to do marketing—it’s not worth anything on its own.

Your job is to get new ideal customers through marketing—and it’s only worth it if it works.

So focus where it counts, where you have the greatest ability to demonstrate your value, and where you can improve steadily, every single day.

That’s how you chop the marketing tree in two.

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