Daily Lab: How to know what you want

Your actions show you your values.

Daily Lab: How to know what you want

In Hell Yeah or No, Derek Sivers’ short treatise on priorities, he writes, “No matter what you tell the world or yourself, your actions reveal your true values. Your actions show you what you actually want.”

Our actions demonstrate our values at a distance.

Everything we do—from how we deliver our services to how we talk about them—demonstrates our values and what we prioritize.

So when new technologies come along, our approach to them demonstrates our priorities, too.

Do our actions show that we really want the technology to just go away?

Or do they show that we really want to replace ourselves with an automaton?

Maybe they show that what we really want is another opportunity to get ahead by moving faster.

So let’s ask ourselves: What do my actions demonstrate that I really want?

And is that what my best customers need most?

Or do their actions show they want something else?

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