Daily Lab: How to speed up growth

3 Ways to Amplify Growth

Daily Lab: How to speed up growth

Sometimes, you just want things to go faster.

More leads and new business conversations, faster.

More downloads or sign-ups, faster.

More recurring revenue, faster.

Even when things are working, they’re rarely working fast enough. At least, that’s how it feels.

And while I’d normally suggest patience and “landing long,” there are ways to speed things up.

If you want something organic to grow faster (like a houseplant), pacing anxiously in front of it won’t work. Overfeeding or overwatering it won’t work. Moving it from place to place in your house every few hours won’t work.

But what could work?

Well, any gardener will tell you to create the ideal soil conditions for what you’re trying to grow—instead of forcing something to grow where it doesn’t want to.

They might also tell you that, depending on what you’re growing, heat can help—adding energy to the environment.

And they might even tell you that you can start further along by buying or borrowing larger plants from other people—who’ve had more time or resources to invest in the growth.

So if you want your marketing to grow faster, do these three things:

Add Heat: Create momentum for your marketing by adding large, visible, and frequent public activity.

Improve the Conditions: Find a clearer market, medium, or mind to promote into—one that has bought the sort of thing you’re selling.

Borrow Growth: Borrow or buy access to a market with people who’ve already bought the sort of thing you sell.

Yes, no matter what you’re doing, patience is required.

But, sometimes, we can increase our patience by increasing our visible progress.

So, what type of marketing are you trying to speed up?

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