Daily Lab: Lead with How

If you don’t know How, Why doesn’t matter.

Daily Lab: Lead with How

When entrepreneurs describe their business, they often start with the What. What their business is called, what industry they’re in, what they sell.

Or they may have been encouraged to start with Why instead.

So they’ll tell you about their passion, their purpose, and their big, big plans to change the industry.

But, the thing is, both the What and the Why are insufficient. Neither demonstrates your unique value.

Because the What and the Why aren’t actually for your clients—they’re for you.

They are your constraint and your ambition, but they don’t do anything for the customer.

Not until you reveal your How.

“We’re better” is nothing. But, “We don’t do X so we can do Y” is something, and it’s real.

“I’m passionate about my industry” is nice. But, “I focus on A so you don’t have to worry about B,” is valuable.

So if you were asked you what you didn’t do that your competitors do do, how quickly could you answer?

You know What you do.

You know Why you do it.

But do you know How you do it in a way nobody else does?

Feel free to start with Why, but when you’re talking to prospects, don’t lead with it.

Because if you can articulate your How, your Why becomes apparent quickly.

But if you can’t articulate your How, your Why doesn’t matter.

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