Daily Lab: Making something out of nothing

Planning for a zero, so you don’t have to feel like one.

Daily Lab: Making something out of nothing

Before working with us, we once had a client (a small business owner) who’d spent close to $30,000 on marketing in a year—without getting a single lead from it.


Is that an emergency? Maybe not. But, for that business owner, it felt like a disaster.

It’s common to plan for things to be tough. To be long. To be less than we hope.

But it’s hard to plan for a zero. It feels like it shouldn’t even be possible. And it can feel like, by planning for it, we can make it possible, or even more likely.

I’ve been there, though. I’ve invested money, time, and myself into projects that have gone nowhere.

And I wish I’d had the right tools then to plan for every outcome—even a zero—and make the most of it, instead of feeling like a failure.

That’s why, this month, I’m introducing a new model: the Zero Plan.

It will help you plan for every outcome—even the worst ones—so that you get the results you want, even if things don’t go your way.

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We can never know for sure what’s going to happen next. But we can be prepared for anything, even a zero.

This month’s Zero Plan will show you how.

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