Daily Lab: Marketing is formed not started

Make marketing a habit

Daily Lab: Marketing is formed not started

Like a habit, marketing isn’t something we start. It’s something we form over time.

Most things in marketing are out of our control. We don’t control the actions, thoughts, or feelings of others and yet we hope to influence or benefit from them.

That can make marketing feel frustrating and demotivating.

But by forming a habit, we can reassert control over our own actions, our own thoughts, our own feelings. And orient them toward continual improvement.

As the high-performance running coach Steve Magness wrote in Do Hard Things, “If you're completing a task with a high degree of uncertainty and a low degree of control, creating a ritual can be a successful way to keep negative inner voices and emotions at bay.”

So, don’t try to perfect your marketing today. Don’t wait for the perfect plan to get going.

Just start forming the habit by spending a few minutes, every single day, thinking of ways you can demonstrate your unique value at a distance.

Pretty soon, you’ll be shocked at how much you’ve done—habitually—instead of begrudgingly.

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