Daily Lab: More than you pay for

Over deliver your value.

Daily Lab: More than you pay for

Everything’s getting more expensive. Heck, you might have even raised your prices recently.

It’s the nature of things these days.

And so lots of people are examining their expenses and getting a lot pickier about value.

What I’ve noticed is that most of the things we gladly pay for we do so because they give us more than we pay for.

Let’s face it, I’m happy to pay for some streaming, software, and newsletter subscriptions because they offer me way more value than they cost.

And the things I find myself considering or canceling don’t.

But that’s true for every business. We resent businesses, products, or services when we merely “get what we pay for.”

Anything less feels like a scam, and exactly equal is barely better.

No, we’ve got to over deliver on our areas of core value, not just satisfy.

But how do we offer more value than we cost without losing money?

By focusing on what we’re best at and what our best customers value most and leaving the rest behind. Imagine how much more value you could deliver if you stopped doing everything that didn’t help.

It’s true, no one can be everything to everyone.

But each of us can be more than enough for our very best customers.

We have to be.

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