Daily Lab: No Blank Pages

How to start writing now.

Daily Lab: No Blank Pages

“I really need to update my website.”

“I really need to post more on social.”

“We really need to re-write our pitch deck.”

That’s the kind of stuff I hear a lot. You might have even found yourself saying or thinking it.

As David C. Baker pointed out in The Business of Expertise, it’s not because you don’t know what to do, it’s because you don’t know what to say.

So here’s a tip from this writer—from every professional writer—to get you started (and slightly cleaned up from the original phrasing):

The first draft of anything is trash.

So, just write something and plan to fix it later. Because, no matter what, the first draft will be bad.

Just leave yourself time to edit, refine, polish, and finesse.

But, right now, just start writing. You might even have GPT do the first draft (but never publish anything straight from GPT) to get you started.

The first draft will be trash. But at least you’ll have something to fix.

Because waiting until you can do it perfectly won’t get you anything at all.

But starting will at least get you started. And you can fix it from there.

So let’s go.

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