Daily Lab: No work is good work

The genius of curiosity

Daily Lab: No work is good work

Short Snippet:

  • Doing less can lead to bigger thinking
  • Not all knowledge needs a purpose
  • Exploring other interests can enhance your business and your value

Why read the rest:

  • Understand the connection between genius and rest

According to biographer Walter Isaacson, Leonardo da Vinci once said that people of “lofty genius sometimes accomplish most when they work least.”

So, today and this weekend, remember that some of the best work comes from doing the least.

And remember Einstein’s admission: “I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious.”

Sometimes, the best way to create value for our customers is to be passionately curious about as much as possible.

As Isaacson wrote, channeling da Vinci’s process, “Seek knowledge for its own sake. Not all knowledge needs to be useful. Sometimes it should be pursued for pure pleasure.”

Your marketing, your business, and your value to your customers are all improved by spending a little time thinking about—and working on—literally anything else.

Like the coach advised one of the world’s fastest runners at the time, “There is a time to train and a time to rest—not halfway rest.”

So give yourself the time to not work.

Sometimes, it’s the best work we can do.

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