Daily Lab: One long game

Plan to keep playing for the long-term.

Daily Lab: One long game

“There's a saying among top poker players that poker is one long game,” wrote Annie Duke, PhD, the decision scientist and former professional poker player.

“It's a reminder that the particular hand they're playing is not the last hand they'll ever play or that any particular day that they're playing is not the last day they'll ever play.”

Marketing is one long game, too.

The point is not to make as much money as we can, as fast as we can. But to stick around long enough to keep playing, for as long as we want.

Which means, occasionally, we’re going to get a bad hand. We’re going to hit bad luck. We’ll even, every once in a while, make a bad decision.

Our goal should be to preserve the resources, time, and enthusiasm we need to keep playing.

Even if we get a zero.

So plan your marketing to make sure that even if you lose a hand, you can still keep playing.

For as long as you want to.

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