Daily Lab: Plan to be disrupted

Make a plan to learn

Daily Lab: Plan to be disrupted
“In disruptive situations, action must be taken before careful plans are made.

Because much less can be known about what markets need or how large they can become, plans must serve a very different purpose.

They must be plans for learning rather than plans for implementation.”

— Clayton Christensen, The Innovator’s Dilemma

When disruption happens—when new technologies open up new markets at the expense of the existing ones—the answer isn’t to avoid or fight it.

And you don’t have to go all-in just to give something a try.

You just need to make a plan to learn.

What new trend or way of working will the new tech unleash? And what old constraint will that destroy?

What new opportunity can be found in doing the opposite of the prevailing movement?

And what old marketing wisdom still works?

There’s no need to ignore new tech or trends. And no need to be the first one to try them.

But there’s a strong need to learn about them.

So, what new tech or trend has you nervous or excited?

And what’s your plan to learn about it?

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