Daily Lab: Ditch some goals

And get more things done.

Daily Lab: Ditch some goals

Business owners are ambitious people, and we love setting goals for ourselves.

And that can create a problem. But ambition isn’t the issue.

Becoming overwhelmed is.

There’s real science here. In behavioral scientist Katy Milkman’s book How to Change, she notes that, “If we form multiple cue-based plans … we’re forced to face the fact that doing everything required to succeed will be really tough.”

And not tough in the fun and fulfilling way that we thrive within.

Tough in the boring, frustrating, and tedious way that we tend to flounder within.

“And this leads our commitment to dwindle,” Milkman continues, “making it harder to achieve even one of our goals.”

So trim your list of marketing goals to just one or two for now.

Focus on that, and set a pace you can maintain for the long-term.

Getting one thing done is better than half-accomplishing a dozen things, getting frustrated, and giving up.

As Greg McKeown wrote in Effortless, “In order to succeed at something, you have to get it done.”

And getting one thing done leads to another, and another, and another.

So set fewer goals.

And get more marketing done.

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