Daily Lab: Simpler words, simpler work

Ignore jargon, focus on value.

Daily Lab: Simpler words, simpler work

The marketing industry produces new jargon at an incredible rate.

Every few years, the last generation’s terminology is reinterpreted through the lens of modern technology and regurgitated into new words with the same meaning.

Which can make it seem a lot more complicated than it is.

Marketing is complex—it is an interwoven system of interacting parts—but it isn’t complicated.

It’s devastatingly—frustratingly, at times—simple:

It’s just demonstrating value at a distance.

So when you hear a new piece of marketing jargon, or get pitched on a new technology, you can use a simple filter to help you decide whether it’s worth learning more:

Ask, “Will this help or otherwise affect my ability to demonstrate my value at a distance?”

If no, move along.

If yes, move closer.

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