Daily Lab: Solving the marketing puzzle

Start with what you know

Daily Lab: Solving the marketing puzzle

Marketing’s like a puzzle, and your best past customers are your corner pieces.

The more you learn about them, the more you learn about the people they’re closest to—your next best customers.

You might want different customers, but those pieces could be anywhere. And it can take a lot of brute force energy to find them.

Instead, start with what you know, learn as much about them as you can, and find the patterns that lead to newer, more interesting pieces further and further away.

Identify your corners—your best past customers—and learn as much about them as you can.

Figure out what connects them to other customers—where they go to learn and share information, what social platforms they use, what podcasts and newsletters they subscribe to, how they describe your industry to others, etc.—and how you can put those pieces together.

Demonstrating value at a distance starts by understanding your value. And nobody understands it better than your past customers.

So you need to understand them.

Because, if you start with your corners, you’ll find the center pieces in no time.

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