Daily Lab: “That’s where the hungry people are.”

Where are people hungry for your value?

Daily Lab: “That’s where the hungry people are.”
“When Mario’s Pizza is scouting for a new location, do they seek out a deserted back road where there’s no competition? No! Just the opposite. They plant themselves at an intersection where there’s already a McDonalds, or a KFC, or a Taco Bell, or all three. Why? Because that’s where the hungry people are!” — David A. Fields, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients

“But where do I find my ideal clients?”

“But where do I post my content?”

These are two of the most common questions I get, and the answer is often the same:

You go where the hungry people are.

Where are people hungry for your unique value? Where are people hungry for your content?

Where are the people that need what you have to offer right now?

That may be in a crowded space like LinkedIn, or an open field like a niche podcast’s advertising slots.

If your value is unique, it sets itself apart even in a crowded category. If it isn’t unique, then it doesn’t really matter where you post.

The goal isn’t to copy or undercut the competition—it’s not what they’re doing that matters.

Your job is demonstrate your value at a distance to the people who’ll appreciate it most, wherever they might be.

Don’t be afraid to enter a crowded room. But don’t go in unless you know you have something unique to offer. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself competing on price, hours, or inputted effort.

So, for your business, your unique value, and your uniquely valuable content:

Where are the hungry people?

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