Daily Lab: The key to elite performance

What we really need is recovery.

Daily Lab: The key to elite performance
“We're trying to be elite performers. And elite performers balance action and recovery, across every field that I've had a chance to study, and every field that I've even remotely connected to. You balance performance and recovery.” — Dr. Dan Dworkis

When we’re eager to get better, it’s often easiest to just push ourselves harder.

We might look at the hustlers, the hypers, the go-go-go founders and imagine that velocity and tenacity are all we need to make progress.

But what we really need is recovery.

And I can hear you saying, “Sure, that’s good for you. But who’s got time?”

It’s dark, but my feeling on the matter is, “You’re going to end up recovering at some point, and you get to choose when.”

We can’t move at top speed forever, we will stop. Eventually. The only question is whether it’ll be our choice.

But the sooner we choose balance, and build in a system for rest and recovery, the faster and further we’ll be able to go.

Luckily, there are techniques and strategies you can apply to make resting and recovering easier to do, easier to make time for, and easier to build into a habit.

I’ll be hosting a virtual workshop with Dr. Dan Dworkis on June 16th, titled, “Outer Crisis, Inner Calm: Emergency Strategies for Crisis and Risk Communicators.”

If you’d like to learn how to make great decisions under pressure, communicate effectively when things get stressful, and recover efficiently after periods of intensity, this is for you.

Secure your spot today, early bird pricing ends on May 15th.

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