Daily Lab: The point of content

Is to demonstrate value.

Daily Lab: The point of content

The thing that often stops entrepreneurs from making content, like a newsletter or a podcast, is the feeling of “starting from zero.”

The sheer intimidation of beginning from scratch, with no audience or built-in interest.

But that assumes that fortune—or success however you want to measure it—only follows fame.

But what if we stopped asking, “How fast can I grow?” and started asking, “How fast can I deliver value?”

Because if a thousand people need to read a newsletter before one person buys, the problem wasn’t obscurity.

It was quality.

Generic crap doesn’t make you popular. It requires being popular to work.

But true value requires very little. Not a million people seeing your content, just the best ones for you.

Because the point of content isn’t popularity.

It’s to demonstrate value.

So how fast can you do that?

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