Daily Lab: The way to get started

Pretend you’re lazy

Daily Lab: The way to get started

You’re not lazy. You built a business, you put yourself out there, and you work hard to create value for your best customers.

But, for a moment, I want you to pretend you’re really lazy.

Like, you will put in 15 minutes every day to get some marketing done, and that’s it.

I know, I know, that’s not much time! I know, I know, you can do more than that.

But let’s pretend that’s all you can do.

The question is: What would you do? What could you do that would actually help and compound over time?

You could figure out how far away an ideal customer is to you: Far (unaware), Close (aware), Here (buying), or Connected (bought).

Then, you could figure out what you need to communicate to them at each distance: Information about what you offer? Insights derived from your expertise? Focus on what your ideal customers love most? Curiosity about where your best customers experience value?

Now, imagine your ideal customer is standing right in from of you. What would you say to them to move them one step closer to a purchase?

Write that down and get it ready to be published on one of your channels, like your newsletter, blog, or social media.

You might have to stop there and publish it tomorrow, during your next 15 minute window.

But that’s what you could do if you were super lazy, busy, or overwhelmed and didn’t want to do much marketing.

And it’s also all you need to do if you’re not and you just want to do more marketing.

Because the secret to doing more is doing less, for as long as you can.

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