Daily Lab: Their words, not yours

How you’ll know what to say.

Daily Lab: Their words, not yours

How do your customers describe what they need in their words?

Do you know?

If not, how could you find out?

For me, as a marketer, I’d love it if my clients wanted “strategic advice to make better marketing decisions,” because that’s what I think is important.

But you know what they say they need? To “stop spinning around in circles, doing a bit of everything, and to start moving in a straight line.”

That’s how one of my best clients described what they needed for their marketing and how we were able to help.

Nobody wants “strategy.”

They want clarity. Simplicity. Progress. Momentum.

So that’s how I describe what I do.

Not “strategy,” but structure.

Not “marketing,” but demonstration.

Not “more customers,” but more profit.

We often think we know what our customers need—but do we use the same words they use to describe it?

If not, how will they ever know we have it?

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