Daily Lab: This will change things

Infinite content in a finite world.

Daily Lab: This will change things

“In all that elevates man in the improvements of advancing civilization, the last thirty years present greater results than three hundred years preceding. Little then did we dream of the achievements that steam and electricity were to bring about.”
— John D. Hawkins, 1847

Those words were spoken to the U.S. President at the time, James K. Polk, before he gave an address at his alma mater.

To people back then, it was nearly unbelievable that, in just a few short decades, the railroad and the telegraph would have changed everything about their society and commerce.

And now, we look back and think, of course they did!

You went from months-long overland journeys by buggy to days-long cross-country trips by rail? You went from weeks of distance by post to instantaneous connection over wires?

Yeah, I bet that changed a lot!

So, I wonder what people will say about our time.

A year ago, if you wanted something written, and you wanted it to be coherent, artistic, persuasive, or insightful, it took a person to make and at least some amount of time (and usually money) to produce.

Today, it doesn’t take any of those things.

Which makes me think that if what I’m doing now can be produced by anyone else but me, it’s only a matter of time before it doesn’t take anyone at all to do it.

But if what I do is mine, unique to my experiences, skills, and interests, then nobody will ever be able to do it like I do.

So, what about you? How can your unique experiences, skills, and interests create unique value for your customers?

Little did we dream of the achievements that steam and electricity were to bring about.

But now it’s time to dream of what infinite content will bring about.

Because it’s going to change things.

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