Daily Lab: Value defining questions

Our clients see our value better than we do.

Daily Lab: Value defining questions

When—like I did this week—I ask you to define your “primary resource of value,” you may struggle for a moment.

Because it’s not necessarily an easy question, however vital it might be.

The good news is that there are easy questions we can ask that will lead us to the answer.

When your next project is getting ready to wrap up, and it’s gone well, ask your client these questions:

1) Why did this project work, when others before haven’t?

2) What reasons would you give if you recommended my business to someone else?

3) If they were skeptical, or suggested they’d prefer my popular competitor, what would you tell them?

It’s not enough to ask our clients whether they had a good experience, or if they would recommend us.

We want to know what they’d say if they did.

Because our clients have a clearer sense of our primary resource of value than we do.

It’s our job to discover it.

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