Daily Lab: Values they’ll value

Combine what you value most with what they value most.

Daily Lab: Values they’ll value

Grab a piece of paper and make two columns on it. One, label “Value”. The other, label “Values.”

Now, under “Value,” write down three complimentary things people say about your work that you sort of dismiss or ignore.

Maybe it’s something like, “You’re so fast.” Or, “You’re so easy to work with.” Or, “You’re so up-to-date on technology.”

You dismiss comments like these because they’re just who you are. It doesn’t feel special, because, to you, it doesn’t feel like work.

Now, under “Values,” write down three things that delight you most when you hear them from clients (or when you imagine hearing them). Things like, “You know so much about history.” Or, “I love how funny your work is.” Or, “I couldn’t imagine being able to do that myself.”

You crave these comments because they demonstrate how you are—what you value most. And it shows where you’re putting most of your effort.

Now, for each set—one item from the first column, and one item from the second—fill this in:

“If you value (Value 1), you’ll love (Values 1). It’ll help you (Result of Value 1) by letting you (Result of Values 1).”

So for first example above, this would turn into:

“If you value work that works fast, you’ll love my historical approach. It will help you avoid wasting time by letting you understand what’s worked before.”

Doesn’t that value suddenly seem more… valuable?

Now, you do yours.

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