Daily Lab: “We must feel our way.”

Permission to prepare.

Daily Lab: “We must feel our way.”

That’s what copywriting legend Claude C. Hopkins said about marketing almost 100 years ago in My Life in Advertising.

He wrote, “None of us can afford to rely on judgement or experience. We must feel our way. New problems require new experience. We must test our undertakings in the most exact way possible. Learn our mistakes and correct them. Watch every appealing lead.”

That’s because marketing is contextual. And context changes, every single day.

We change it, in every single action we take.

So that means we can never truly predict what will work. We can only prepare.

Because, as I always say, marketing never fails. It just stops.

But we can prepare to keep going by giving ourselves ample resources. Like time, patience, and enthusiasm—remembering that nothing ever goes as planned.

So give yourself permission—and preparation—to take your time.

And feel your way.

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