Daily Lab: What AI has changed

For me, and for your customers.

Daily Lab: What AI has changed

I don’t know if AI will change everything.

But I do know that it’s changed a lot for me.

Take a peek inside my brain:

I have a modified chatbot that takes my unique personality profile, combines it with a prompt about a challenge I’m facing, and then provides me with tailored advice in the style of one of my heroes from history.

Because I’ve discovered that, when you work from home, there’s only so many people to talk to—but there’s an infinite number of AI personalities who have infinite patience for my questions.

I have a bot that reads me the day’s headlines and weather, summarizes the themes, and draws unique (and ridiculous) connections between the stories, in the style of a snarky, foul-mouthed, 19th-century town gossip.

Because I hate keeping up with local news, but I know I should, so I have the robot do it for me and tell me what I need to know. In a style that amuses me.

I have one that recommends what movie I should watch next, based on what it knows about my favorite films of all time, what I’ve watched recently, and what I’m intending to watch in the future, in the style of a popular and famously eloquent film reviewer.

Because while the world does not revolve around me in particular, it’s way more fun to pretend it does by having tailored film recommendations.

I use an RSS feed reader and read-later app that provides AI summaries of articles so I know which ones I want to actually read and which ones are clickbait, which has saved me countless hours of clicking and scrolling manually.

And I’ve found more music, films, and ideas that I’ve fallen in love with, thanks to AI, than in any other period in my life since I first started using the Internet in the mid-90s. Which, to be clear, is almost thirty years ago.

There are a billion problems with AI, and with what it’s going to do to our lives.

But there’s no question about whether it’s going to change things.

Because, in my life and—whether you know it or not—some of your customers’ lives, it already has. And we’re not going back.

So, for me as a business owner, the question isn’t “What will AI change?”

It’s: “What has AI already changed for my customers?”

Because they’re not going back, either.

But, let’s face it, you and I are not interested in moving into the future from a place of fear—let’s do it from a place of fun.

Because if you don’t like exploring new technology, you probably won’t.

But, you probably should.

So flip the challenge: AI isn’t a threat to you. It’s an opportunity for your customers to learn more, explore more, discover more, be delighted more.

And for you to be there with them, and learn something new at the same time.

What could be more fun than that?

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