Daily Lab: What do I do next?

Where are you demonstrating value at a distance?

Daily Lab: What do I do next?

Let’s say you and I are meeting for the first time at a networking event.

I ask you what you do (because what else would we talk about?) and you tell me about your business.

I’m interested, but I’m not ready to buy yet (or be pitched to).

What can I do next to learn more and get more comfortable buying from you?

Do you have a newsletter? A blog? Case studies? Videos? A thorough About page?

Are you delivering insights that demonstrate your unique value at a distance?

Or do you only have a contact form or a calendar booking link?

You customers want to get closer on their timeline, not on your sales cycle.

And if they can’t, they won’t.

So, what can you do next to make sure your best prospects have something they can do next?

And how can you start today?

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