Daily Lab: “What” has been replaced

Are you in the business of what, or why?

Daily Lab: “What” has been replaced

I’m a marketing consultant, and you don’t need me to give you good marketing ideas.

Actually, you don’t need anyone for that.

Because now a robot can do it. You can just ask GPT to give you marketing ideas for your latest product, announcement, service offering, or launch.

You can have it write your content.

It will even create your LinkedIn posts.

Dall-E or Midjourney will create your graphics.

And if I was in the “generic marketing ideas” business, I’d be out of business. Because there’s no business there anymore.

A lot of people are still in that business, though—and in a lot of generic “best practice” businesses—and I worry it’s not going to be around much longer.

If you need to know what to do, there’s now a machine that will tell you.

But, will it give you advice that you can actually act on, or would ever want to?

Do you know if you can trust it?

Do you know exactly what and how to ask it?

And do you know why you’re doing any of it in the first place?

Because it turns out, in most businesses, when a new solution enters the scene, it reveals a new set of decisions. A new set of questions.

A new set of problems to solve and new ways to tackle the “jobs to be done.”

So the question for me, and for everyone, is:

Am I in the business of “what” or the business of “why”?

Because why you do what you do is now more important than ever.

“What” any of us does is replicable, replaceable.

But why we do it, and how we do it best for those who need us most, is what makes us unique.

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