Daily Lab: What do you need to hear?

The pace was always yours to set.

Daily Lab: What do you need to hear?

Imagine for a second you weren’t you.

And you got to observe yourself doing what you do, thinking your thoughts, feeling your feelings, and deciding your decisions.

Imagine you’re where you are right now, today, in this moment.

What’s on your entrepreneurial mind? What are you worried about? What work do you need to do that you’re dreading?

Imagine observing yourself from a distance experiencing all these thoughts and feelings and decisions.

If you, as an outside observer, were able to give yourself one single piece of advice based on your objective perspective, what would it be?

What does entrepreneur-You need to hear right now more than anything else?

Take a moment and think.

I suspect it’s not: “Worry more.”

I suspect it's not: “Do more.”

I suspect it's not: “Speed up.”

No, for most entrepreneurs, if given the chance, we’d ask ourselves to worry less. Do less. And slow down.

When we’re up in the clouds of planning for the future—like all entrepreneurs must be—it can look like everything’s speeding by so quickly. And it can feel like we’re going too slowly.

But when we drop back down to earth, and take a good look and what’s happening up close and inside ourselves, we’ll see that the pace was always ours to set.

And if we want to keep moving, for as long as we want to, we need to set a pace we’ll love.

So now’s your chance to tell yourself what you need to hear, instead of listening to the voice of stress and velocity.

What will you tell yourself?

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