Daily Lab: Where does new business come from?

Don’t cold call, deliver value.

Daily Lab: Where does new business come from?

When things are uncertain—in business or in the world at large—entrepreneurs tend to worry about where their next project will come from.

Slow times can feel like waiting, which can be painful.

And they can be tempted—or told—to “pound the pavement” and cold call or cold DM prospects to stir up business, even though they feel gross about it.

And when it doesn’t work, it just demoralizes them even more. Because now they feel personally rejected on top of feeling anxious.

Instead, take that cold call list you’re staring at and write each of them a blog post, a newsletter issue, or a LinkedIn message.

Not to them. But for them. And for people just like them.

Deliver value in the content, based on what you’re best at and what they care about most.

Then, share that content widely.

Put it on social media. Send it to some close network contacts for feedback. Email it to your past clients and ask for their thoughts.

Demonstrate your value, not your desperation, by giving your ideal clients a little bit of the value you deliver.

Because that’s where new business comes from.

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