Daily Lab: Write this before you write anything else

Do you know your marketing position?

Daily Lab: Write this before you write anything else

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Before you write your social media post, website copy, or ad, write this down and fill it out:

  1. Who: Who is the one person who is likely to see this?
  2. What: What is their struggle/need/desire right now, in their words?
  3. How: How am I uniquely able to provide enormous value to them in their moment of greatest urgency?
  4. When: When do they experience this urgency? (Time of day/week/year/life/career)
  5. Where: Where are they or where do they go when they experience it?

That’s your marketing position, in five sentences. It’s the position you occupy in the market (relative to your peers/competitors/category) and the position you’re seeking to stake out in the mind of your customer (relative to other businesses/solutions/needs).

Notice how little of your position is about you. It’s about them, how they perceive your value, and when and where they need it most.

With a marketing position, you can avoid the habit of writing what you want to say, and start writing what they need to hear.

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