Daily Lab: Your practice or “best” practice?

One is more valuable than the other.

Daily Lab: Your practice or “best” practice?

When I need a good recipe for something simple, I don’t go to Google anymore.

I fire up ChatGPT and ask for something easy and fast. It gives me the basics, quickly, and it skips over all the SEO cruft that fills up recipe websites.

Essentially, it gives me the “best practice” for the dish I’m looking for.

But when I want the recipe for something in particular, in a particular fashion, I go to Google and look up Kenji’s, or another writer’s recipe whose approach I enjoy and appreciate.

Because, when it’s important, I don’t want the generalized “best practice,” I want the particular practice of someone with a unique approach I especially value.

So, the question is, in your business: is your approach a way, or are you the way for someone in particular?

Because the businesses that show you a way of doing something are quickly being gobbled up into “best practices” that ChatGPT will spit out without sources, links, references, or citations.

But the businesses who show the way of doing something in particular can still attract people who want their practice, not the “best practice”.

So take a moment today and think about the content you’re producing.

Is it a summary of ways you can approach something?

Or is it an insight into the way you know best, and that your best clients value most?

One of those things is going away, and the other is getting more and more valuable.

So, show us your way, not the “best” way.

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