Daily Lab: Your worst story is your best story.

Demonstrate that you learn and grow.

Daily Lab: Your worst story is your best story.

Short summary:

  • My most embarrassing marketing mess has become my best, most helpful story.
  • Your worst story might actually be your best guide.
  • How could you tell it?

What’s the silliest mistake you’ve made, related to your expertise?

What’s the story that makes you cringe to even think about?

You already know one of my worst stories—absolutely fumbling a marketing project and getting zero sales. Potentially my worst performance as a marketer.

And yet, it’s kind of become my best story?

It turned into the ZERO Plan, my best-received framework this year.

Potentially the most helpful thing I’ve made.

And I suspect the same is true for you. That embarrassing story you don’t tell—the one that makes you wonder if you’re actually any good at what you do?

That’s probably the story that demonstrates exactly what you’re good at:

Learning, getting better, and never giving up.

Today, think about your worst story, and whether it might be your best story.

And how you can tell it.

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