Daily Lab: You’re already marketing

What value are you demonstrating?

Daily Lab: You’re already marketing

If all marketing boils down to is “demonstrating value at a distance,” that means we’re always marketing.

Everything we do is either demonstrating—or detracting or distracting from—our value to our ideal customers.

So the question is, what marketing are you already doing, and is it doing what you want it to?

Does your website demonstrate your value? If not, what is it demonstrating instead?

Does your front door, your sign, or your space demonstrate your value, or does it demonstrate some other priority?

We don’t get to choose whether we’re marketing.

We only get to choose what we’re marketing, and how.

So, look around your business, your website, and your space, and ask: What value is all this demonstrating?

And is it that what my best customers value most?

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