Daily Lab: You’re not “better”

You’re better than that.

Daily Lab: You’re not “better”

Short summary:

  • Everyone claims to be “better,” so it’s a meaningless promise.
  • Skip past being merely better, and become truly unique.

Look, I’m not saying you’re not better than your competition. I’m sure you are!

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t help to say it. No one believes it because everyone says it.

So, stop thinking and talking about your business as if it’s simply better. And lean into something better than that.

Like focus.

Like specialization. Like uniqueness. Like rarity.

Like something your best customers can’t get anywhere else.

Because they can get the promise of “better” everywhere. They need something that’s actually better.

They need the only thing that’s perfect for them.

So, what’s that?

And how can you demonstrate that you’ve got it?

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