Daily Lab: You’re not too late

It’s never too late to be valuable.

Daily Lab: You’re not too late
“Most business wrecks which I have encountered are due to over-reaching. To reckless speculation on a hidden chance.

To racing ahead on unblazed trails, in fear that some rival may go farther or get higher.

All advertising disasters are due to rashness; needless and inexcusable.”

— Claude C. Hopkins, the most successful advertising copywriter in history, writing in 1927.

You’re not late to the party on Threads.

You’re not too late to learn about AI.

You’re not too late to build a social media following, a newsletter, or a YouTube channel.

The people who got there first needed to get there first. Because they don’t offer anything else but speed and hastiness.

As long as you offer something real—something truly valuable—it’s not too late to demonstrate it.

The people who get millions of impressions on their how-tos, tips, and memes need to get millions of impressions because each impression is worth virtually nothing.

Because that content is worth virtually nothing unless it has a massive audience.

But your content can be worth a lot if you focus on demonstrating your value at a distance.

If you offer something truly valuable, you don’t need millions of people to see it.

You just need a few people to experience it.

And it’s never too late to do that.

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